It began simply with the thought that we wanted to tithe our assets and leave some of our money to do the Lord's work. This, of course, had to include our parish roots. As we think about it now, our motives include a lot more substance. In thanksgiving for so many blessings received through our years in Saint Joseph, we feel that leaving a legacy is a way of sharing and passing on those blessings. Saint Joseph has been our spiritual home and has provided pastoral care and fellowship during our 35 years of married life. Indeed, "We are the body of Christ; we do not walk alone."

-Ken and Ellie Peters,
Saint Joseph Parishioners

Basic Estate Planning

Everyone should have an estate plan which provides what happens upon your incapacitation and death. Without an estate plan, the state law will decide who gets your assets upon your death and when they get them. Estate planning can include a will, a trust, and financial and health care powers of attorney. To determine what is best for you, you should consult an estate planning attorney. If you are planning on giving a portion of what you own to a charity, please consider Saint Joseph Parish as part of your estate plan.

How to Give to Saint Joseph

A young man was surprised to find his sick and elderly grandfather planting a small peach tree in his backyard.  When the young man asked his grandfather why he was planting the tree, the old man replied, “Son, all my life I have eaten the fruit from trees that other people have planted. I figure I have an obligation to make sure there is some fruit around for others to enjoy.”

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